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These are guidelines only and we can give you a more accurate price once we have seen your pet.

Our prices do depend on the condition of your pets coat, the time taken to complete the groom and how regular your dog is groomed.

We will only de-matt a dog if it is a small area and will cause no pain or discomfort. If matting is severe then the coat may have to be taken shorter to avoid any pain or suffering.

Smooth Coated-

Labradors, Rottweiler, Pointers, Staffordshire bull terriers & jack Russell’s.

Starting from- £15-£30

Large Breeds-

Wolf Hound, New Foundland, St Bernard’s & Bernese Mountain Dogs.

Starting From- £35


Springer Spaniels, Cocker Spaniels & American cocker spaniels.

Starting From- £30


Yorkshire Terrier, Schnauzers, Border Terrier & Norfolk/Norwich Terriers.

Starting From- £30

Poodles & Doodles (curly coated0-

Poodle,  Cockerpoo, Labradoodle & Cavachon.

Starting From- £40

Hands stripping-

Border Terrier, Airedale & Fox Terrier.

Starting From- £40

Cat Grooming-

Brush-out- £10 an hour

Bath Only- £20

De-matting- £10 an hour

Clipping- £30- £50

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