Hi my name is Lauren and I run Scruffy 2 Fluffy dog groomers. I have always had a love for animals from a young age, before dog grooming I trained as a hairdresser but at any given opportunity I worked at the Dogotel Kennels which my Parents own. I decided to leave hairdressing and groom dogs instead which is a win win situation for me.

We have worked hard to create and promote a calm and reassuring environment in which your dog is groomed. We use a oil burner to warm essential oils known for their calming properties and helping with stress and play music.

Every dog that comes through the door is different and we will take the time to ensure the grooming process is a comfortable one and will adjust the grooming process to help the dog cope for example laying towels on the floor so an elderly dog can lay down to be dried.

We will listen to your requirements for your dogs groom and decide what is possible and best for your dogs lifestyle.

If for any reason your dog does not like the grooming process we will work with you and your dog to help. It may be small steps to start but hopefully over time they will learn to be calmer and cope better.

We like not to give a collection time and call you when the groom is completed as every dog is different and we do not like to rush our grooms or dogs.

They get rewarded with a little play or fuss after and a photo of them looking posh which appears on our Facebook page.

Please feel free to call me if you have any questions. Lauren

Welcome to Scruffy 2 Fluffy

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